MonthsList Reperesentation


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Months List Container


Months list container is used to show/change day data. This is representation of XForms input element (see the doc) that is bound to instance node of xsd:gMonth type.

Exposed interfaces

Accessibility properties


  • role - ROLE_GROUPING
  • name - formed from value of underlying XForms label element
  • description - formed from value of underlying XForms hint element
  • state - formed from MIPs of instance node that XForms element is bound to
  • value - current value selected in combobox that represents months list.

Accessible children

  • ROLE_COMBOBOX - the combobox widget that is used to represent months list. You can refer to accessible objects for xhtml:select or xul:menulist to obtain complete information about accessible for this widget.
  • any explicity inserted children