Listbox Representation

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Listbox Container


Listbox container is used to show/change data that represents a list. This is representation of XForms select element (see the doc) or select1 element (see the doc). Listbox container uses appropriate widget from host document for represntation. If host document is XUL document then xul:listbox is used. If host document is XHTML document then xhtml:select is used.

Exposed interfaces

Accessibility properties


  • role - ROLE_GROUPING
  • name - formed from value of underlying XForms label element
  • description - formed from value of underlying XForms hint element
  • state - formed from MIPs of instance node that XForms element is bound to
  • value - current value of native widget.

Accessible children

  • ROLE_LISTBOX - the listbox widget. You can refer to accessible objects for xhtml:select or xul:listbox to obtain complete information about accessible for this widget.
  • any explicity inserted children