IA2 States

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The table below shows how IA2 states are mapped to Gecko states.

States List

State Description Gecko State
IA2_STATE_ACTIVE Indicates a window is currently the active window. EXT_STATE_ACTIVE
IA2_STATE_ARMED Indicates that the object is armed. no
IA2_STATE_DEFUNCT Indicates the user interface object corresponding to this object no longer exists. EXT_STATE_DEFUNCT
IA2_STATE_EDITABLE Indicates the user can change the contents of this object. EXT_STATE_EDITABLE
IA2_STATE_HORIZONTAL Indicates the orientation of this object is horizontal. EXT_STATE_HORIZONTAL
IA2_STATE_ICONIFIED Indicates this object is minimized and is represented only by an icon. no
IA2_STATE_INVALID_ENTRY Indicates an input validation failure. STATE_INVALID
IA2_STATE_MANAGES_DESCENDANTS Indicates that this object manages its children. no
IA2_STATE_MODAL Indicates that an object is modal. EXT_STATE_MODAL
IA2_STATE_MULTI_LINE Indicates this text object can contain multiple lines of text. EXT_STATE_MULTI_LINE
IA2_STATE_OPAQUE Indicates this object paints every pixel within its rectangular region. EXT_STATE_OPAQUE
IA2_STATE_REQUIRED Indicates that user interaction is required. STATE_REQUIRED
IA2_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT Indicates an object which supports text selection. EXT_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT
IA2_STATE_SINGLE_LINE Indicates that this text object can contain only a single line of text. EXT_STATE_SINGLE_LINE
IA2_STATE_STALE Indicates that the accessible object is stale. EXT_STATE_STALE
IA2_STATE_SUPPORTS_AUTOCOMPLETION Indicates that the object implements autocompletion. EXT_STATE_SUPPORTS_AUTOCOMPLETION
IA2_STATE_TRANSIENT Indicates this object is transient. EXT_STATE_TRANSIENT
IA2_STATE_VERTICAL Indicates the orientation of this object is vertical. EXT_STATE_VERTICAL