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IA2 Roles

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Below you will find how IAccessible2 roles are mapped to Gecko roles. Since IAccessible2 is a superset of MSAA, the IAccessible2 roles are used in conjunction with the MSAA roles.

Role List

Role Description Gecko Role
IA2_ROLE_UNKNOWN Unknown role. The object contains some Accessible information, but its role is not known. ROLE_NOTHING
IA2_ROLE_CANVAS An object that can be drawn into and to manage events from the objects drawn into it. ROLE_CANVAS
IA2_ROLE_CAPTION A caption describing another object. ROLE_CAPTION
IA2_ROLE_CHECK_MENU_ITEM Used for check buttons that are menu items. ROLE_CHECK_MENU_ITEM
IA2_ROLE_COLOR_CHOOSER A specialized dialog that lets the user choose a color. ROLE_COLOR_CHOOSER
IA2_ROLE_DESKTOP_PANE A desktop pane. A pane that supports internal frames and iconified versions of those internal frames. ROLE_DESKTOP_FRAME
IA2_ROLE_DIRECTORY_PANE A directory pane. A pane that allows the user to navigate through and select the contents of a directory. May be used by a file chooser. ROLE_DIRECTORY_PANE
IA2_ROLE_EDITBAR An editable text object in a toolbar. ROLE_EDITBAR
IA2_ROLE_EMBEDDED_OBJECT Embeded (OLE) object. no
IA2_ROLE_ENDNOTE Text that is used as an endnote (footnote at the end of a chapter or section). no
IA2_ROLE_FILE_CHOOSER A file chooser. A specialized dialog that displays the files in the directory and lets the user select a file, browse a different directory, or specify a filename. May use the directory pane to show the contents of a directory. ROLE_FILE_CHOOSER
IA2_ROLE_FONT_CHOOSER A font chooser. A font chooser is a component that lets the user pick various attributes for fonts. ROLE_FONT_CHOOSER
IA2_ROLE_FOOTER Footer of a document page. ROLE_FOOTER
IA2_ROLE_FOOTNOTE Text that is used as a footnote. no
IA2_ROLE_FORM A container of form controls. An example of the use of this role is to represent an HTML FORM tag. ROLE_FORM
IA2_ROLE_FRAME Frame role. A top level window with a title bar, border, menu bar, etc. It is often used as the primary window for an application. ROLE_CHROME_WINDOW
IA2_ROLE_GLASS_PANE A glass pane. A pane that is guaranteed to be painted on top of all panes beneath it. ROLE_GLASS_PANE
IA2_ROLE_HEADER Header of a document page. ROLE_HEADER
IA2_ROLE_ICON A small fixed size picture, typically used to decorate components. ROLE_ICON
IA2_ROLE_IMAGE_MAP An image map object. Usually a graphic with multiple hotspots, where each hotspot can be activated resulting in the loading of another document or section of a document. no
IA2_ROLE_INPUT_METHOD_WINDOW An object which is used to allow input of characters not found on a keyboard, such as the input of Chinese characters on a Western keyboard. ROLE_IME
IA2_ROLE_INTERNAL_FRAME An internal frame. A frame-like object that is clipped by a desktop pane. The desktop pane, internal frame, and desktop icon objects are often used to create multiple document interfaces within an application. ROLE_INTERNAL_FRAME
IA2_ROLE_LABEL An object used to present an icon or short string in an interface. ROLE_LABEL
IA2_ROLE_NOTE An embedded note which is not visible until activated. no
IA2_ROLE_OPTION_PANE A specialized pane whose primary use is inside a dialog. ROLE_OPTION_PANE
IA2_ROLE_PAGE An object representing a page of document content. ROLE_PAGE
IA2_ROLE_RADIO_MENU_ITEM A radio button that is a menu item. ROLE_RADIO_MENU_ITEM
IA2_ROLE_REDUNDANT_OBJECT An object which is redundant with another object in the accessible hierarchy. ROLE_REDUNDANT_OBJECT
IA2_ROLE_ROOT_PANE A root pane. A specialized pane that has a glass pane and a layered pane as its children. ROLE_ROOT_PANE
IA2_ROLE_RULER A ruler such as those used in word processors. ROLE_RULER
IA2_ROLE_SCROLL_PANE A scroll pane. An object that allows a user to incrementally view a large amount of information. ROLE_SCROLL_PANE
IA2_ROLE_SECTION A section may be used as a region. A region is a group of elements that together form a perceivable unit. A region does not necessarily follow the logical structure of the content, but follows the perceivable structure of the page. A region may have an attribute in the set of IAccessible2::attributes which indicates that it is "live". A live region is content that is likely to change in response to a timed change, a user event, or some other programmed logic or event. ROLE_SECTION
IA2_ROLE_SHAPE Object with graphical representation used to represent content on draw pages. no
IA2_ROLE_SPLIT_PANE A split pane. A specialized panel that presents two other panels at the same time. Between the two panels is a divider the user can manipulate to make one panel larger and the other panel smaller. ROLE_SPLIT_PANE
IA2_ROLE_TEAR_OFF_MENU An object that forms part of a menu system but which can be "undocked" from or "torn off" the menu system to exist as a separate window. ROLE_TEAR_OFF_MENU_ITEM
IA2_ROLE_TERMINAL An object used as a terminal emulator. ROLE_TERMINAL
IA2_ROLE_TEXT_FRAME Collection of objects that constitute a logical text entity. ROLE_TEXT_CONTAINER
IA2_ROLE_TOGGLE_BUTTON A toggle button. A specialized push button that can be checked or unchecked, but does not provide a separate indicator for the current state. ROLE_TOGGLE_BUTTON
IA2_ROLE_VIEW_PORT A viewport. An object usually used in a scroll pane. It represents the portion of the entire data that the user can see. As the user manipulates the scroll bars, the contents of the viewport can change. ROLE_VIEWPORT

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