MSAA Relations


Mapping for IA2 Relations to Gecko Relations.

Relations List

IA2 Relation Description Gecko Relation
IA2_RELATION_CONTROLLED_BY Some attribute of this object is affected by a target object. RELATION_CONTROLLED_BY
IA2_RELATION_CONTROLLER_FOR This object is interactive and controls some attribute of a target object. RELATION_CONTROLLER_FOR
IA2_RELATION_DESCRIBED_BY This object is described by the target object. RELATION_DESCRIBED_BY
IA2_RELATION_DESCRIPTION_FOR This object is describes the target object. RELATION_DESCRIPTION_FOR
IA2_RELATION_EMBEDDED_BY This object is embedded by a target object. RELATION_EMBEDDED_BY
IA2_RELATION_EMBEDS This object embeds a target object. This relation can be used on the OBJID_CLIENT accessible for a top level window to show where the content areas are. RELATION_EMBEDS
IA2_RELATION_FLOWS_FROM Content flows to this object from a target object. RELATION_FLOWS_FROM
IA2_RELATION_FLOWS_TO Content flows from this object to a target object. RELATION_FLOWS_TO
IA2_RELATION_LABEL_FOR This object is label for a target object. RELATION_LABEL_FOR
IA2_RELATION_LABELED_BY This object is labelled by a target object. RELATION_LABELED_BY
IA2_RELATION_MEMBER_OF This object is a member of a group of one or more objects. When there is more than one object in the group each member may have one and the same target, e.g. a grouping object. It is also possible that each member has multiple additional targets, e.g. one for every other member in the group. RELATION_MEMBER_OF
IA2_RELATION_NODE_CHILD_OF This object is a child of a target object. RELATION_NODE_CHILD_OF
IA2_RELATION_PARENT_WINDOW_OF This object is a parent window of the target object. RELATION_PARENT_WINDOW_OF
IA2_RELATION_POPUP_FOR This object is a transient component related to the target object. When this object is activated the target object doesn't loose focus. RELATION_POPUP_FOR
IA2_RELATION_SUBWINDOW_OF This object is a sub window of a target object. RELATION_SUBWINDOW_OF