IA2 Object Attributes


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IAccessible2::getAttributes method is used to get object attributes in IAccessible2. Gecko supports a subset of attributes defined by IA2 spec and on the other hand it provides an extension of object attributes specific for the web. The complete list of object attributes supported by Gecko can be found here.

The list of unofficial object attributes supported by Gecko:

  • class - a class name for DOM element associated with the accessible, refer to @class attribute;
  • id - identifier of the element associated with the accessible, refer to @id attribute;
  • tag - the tag name of the element associated with the accessible;
  • xml-roles - a list of roles exposed by the accessible;
  • level, posinset, setsize - duplicates the IAccessible2::groupPosition;
  • container-live-role - a role of live region accessible this accessible is contained by;
  • checkable - indicates the accessible is checkable (also exposed as STATE_SYSTEM_MARQUEED MSAA state);
  • haspopup - duplicates STATE_SYSTEM_HASPOPUP MSAA state;
  • src - @src attribute of HTML img element;
  • cycles - indicates the table cell accessible is a cycler;
  • layout-guess - indicates the table accessible is rather for layout than for data;
  • valuetext - a text equivalent of value of the accessible;
  • text-input-type - a type attribute on HTML input elements, for example, 'text-input-type:email' for <input type='email'> element.