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Generic interface is implemened by accessibles objects. Provides base functionality to obtain accessible object properties, navigate through accessible tree and perform actions on the accessible object.


The interface is implemented by document accessible objects.


This interface is typically used in conjunction with the nsIAccessibleText interface and complements that interface with the additional ability to modify text.

This interface represents a hyperlink associated with a single substring of text or single non-text object. Non-text objects can have either a single link or a collection of links such as when the non-text object is an image map.


The IAccessibleHypertext interface is the main interface to expose hyperlinks in a document, typically a text document, that are used to reference other documents. A typical implementation is to implement this interface the smallest text object such as a paragraph of text.


This interface is used for a representation of images like icons on buttons.


This interface gives access to an object's set of relations.


The interface is implemented by accessibles created for selectable elements like combobox, listbox. Allows to select and unselect child elements.


All accessible objects that represent cells or cell-clusters of a table have to be at the same time children of the table. This is necessary to be able to convert row and column indices into child indices and vice versa.


The nsIAccessibleText interface should be implemented by all components that present textual information on the display like buttons, text entry fields, or text portions of the document window. The interface provides access to the text's content, attributes, and spatial location.


The nsIAccessibleValue interface represents a single numerical value and should be implemented by any class that supports numerical value like progress bars and spin boxes. This interface lets you access the value and its upper and lower bounds.


Generic interface is implemented by all accessible object.

Wiki Hints

Use nsIAccessible.finalRole; to create a link on finalRole attribute of nsIAccessible interface (nsIAccessible.finalRole).

Use nsIAccessible.takeFocus() to create a link on takeFocus method of nsIAccessible interface (nsIAccessible.takeFocus()).