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AT-SPI Roles


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Below you will find the table of AT-SPI roles and how they are mapped to Gecko roles.

Role List

Role Description Gecko Role
ROLE_INVALID A Role indicating an error condition, such as uninitialized Role data. no
ROLE_ACCELERATOR_LABEL Object is a label indicating the keyboard accelerators for the parent. ROLE_ACCEL_LABEL
ROLE_ALERT Object is used to alert the user about something. ROLE_ALERT
ROLE_ANIMATION Object contains a dynamic or moving image of some kind. ROLE_ANIMATION
ROLE_ARROW Object is a 2d directional indicator. ROLE_ARROW
ROLE_CALENDAR Object contains one or more dates, usually arranged into a 2d list. ROLE_CALENDAR
ROLE_CANVAS Object that can be drawn into and is used to trap events. ROLE_CANVAS
ROLE_CHECK_BOX A choice that can be checked or unchecked and provides a separate indicator for the current state. ROLE_CHECKBUTTON
ROLE_CHECK_MENU_ITEM A menu item that behaves like a check box ROLE_CHECK_MENU_ITEM
ROLE_COLOR_CHOOSER A specialized dialog that lets the user choose a color. ROLE_COLOR_CHOOSER
ROLE_COLUMN_HEADER The header for a column of data. ROLE_COLUMNHEADER
ROLE_COMBO_BOX A list of choices the user can select from. ROLE_DROPLIST
ROLE_DATE_EDITOR An object which allows entry of a date. ROLE_DATE_EDITOR
ROLE_DESKTOP_ICON An inconifed internal frame within a DESKTOP_PANE. ROLE_DESKTOP_ICON
ROLE_DESKTOP_FRAME A pane that supports internal frames and iconified versions of those internal frames. ROLE_DESKTOP_FRAME
ROLE_DIAL An object that allows a value to be changed via rotating a visual element, or which displays a value via such a rotating element. ROLE_DIAL
ROLE_DIALOG A top level window with title bar and a border. ROLE_DIALOG
ROLE_DIRECTORY_PANE A pane that allows the user to navigate through and select the contents of a directory. ROLE_DIRECTORY_PANE
ROLE_DRAWING_AREA A specialized dialog that displays the files in the directory and lets the user select a file, browse a different directory, or specify a filename. no
ROLE_FILE_CHOOSER An object used for drawing custom user interface elements. ROLE_FILE_CHOOSER
ROLE_FILLER A object that fills up space in a user interface. no
ROLE_FOCUS_TRAVERSABLE reserved for future use. no
ROLE_FONT_CHOOSER Allows selection of a display font. ROLE_FONT_CHOOSER
ROLE_FRAME A top level window with a title bar, border, menubar, etc. ROLE_CHROME_WINDOW
ROLE_GLASS_PANE A pane that is guaranteed to be painted on top of all panes beneath it. ROLE_GLASS_PANE
ROLE_HTML_CONTAINER A document container for HTML, whose children represent the document content. ROLE_HTML_CONTAINER
ROLE_ICON A small fixed size picture, typically used to decorate components. ROLE_ICON
ROLE_IMAGE An image, typically static. ROLE_IMAGE_MAP
ROLE_INTERNAL_FRAME A frame-like object that is clipped by a desktop pane. ROLE_INTERNAL_FRAME
ROLE_LABEL An object used to present an icon or short string in an interface. ROLE_LABEL
ROLE_LAYERED_PANE A specialized pane that allows its children to be drawn in layers, providing a form of stacking order. ROLE_LAYERED_PANE
ROLE_LIST An object that presents a list of objects to the user and allows the user to select one or more of them. ROLE_LISTBOX, ROLE_LIST
ROLE_MENU An object usually found inside a menu bar that contains a list of actions the user can choose from. ROLE_MENUPOPUP, ROLE_PARENT_MENUITEM, ROLE_COMBOBOX_LIST
ROLE_MENU_BAR An object usually drawn at the top of the primary dialog box of an application that contains a list of menus the user can choose from. ROLE_MENUBAR
ROLE_MENU_ITEM An object usually contained in a menu that presents an action the user can choose. ROLE_MENUITEM, ROLE_COMBOBOX_OPTION
ROLE_OPTION_PANE A specialized pane whose primary use is inside a DIALOG. ROLE_OPTION_PANE
ROLE_PAGE_TAB An object that is a child of a page tab list. ROLE_PAGETAB
ROLE_PAGE_TAB_LIST An object that presents a series of panels (or page tabs), one at a time, through some mechanism provided by the object. ROLE_PAGETABLIST
ROLE_PANEL A generic container that is often used to group objects. ROLE_PANE, ROLE_GROUPING
ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT A text object uses for passwords, or other places where the text content is not shown visibly to the user. ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT
ROLE_POPUP_MENU A temporary window that is usually used to offer the user a list of choices, and then hides when the user selects one of those choices. ROLE_POPUP_MENU
ROLE_PROGRESS_BAR An object used to indicate how much of a task has been completed. ROLE_PROGRESSBAR
ROLE_PUSH_BUTTON An object the user can manipulate to tell the application to do something. ROLE_BUTTONDROPDOWN, ROLE_BUTTONMENU, ROLE_SPLITBUTTON
ROLE_RADIO_BUTTON A specialized check box that will cause other radio buttons in the same group to become uncghecked when this one is checked. ROLE_RADIOBUTTON
ROLE_RADIO_MENU_ITEM Object is both a menu item and a "radio button" ROLE_RADIO_MENU_ITEM
ROLE_ROOT_PANE A specialized pane that has a glass pane and a layered pane as its children. ROLE_ROOT_PANE
ROLE_ROW_HEADER The header for a row of data. ROLE_ROWHEADER
ROLE_SCROLL_BAR An object usually used to allow a user to incrementally view a large amount of data by moving the bounds of a viewport along a one-dimensional axis. ROLE_SCROLLBAR
ROLE_SCROLL_PANE An object that allows a user to incrementally view a large amount of information. ROLE_PROPERTYPAGE, ROLE_SCROLL_PANE
ROLE_SEPARATOR An object usually contained in a menu to provide a visible and logical separation of the contents in a menu. ROLE_SEPARATOR
ROLE_SLIDER An object that allows the user to select from a bounded range. ROLE_SLIDER
ROLE_SPIN_BUTTON An object which allows one of a set of choices to be selected, and which displays the current choice. ROLE_SPINBUTTON
ROLE_SPLIT_PANE A specialized panel that presents two other panels at the same time. ROLE_SPLIT_PANE
ROLE_STATUS_BAR Object displays non-quantitative status information ROLE_STATUSBAR
ROLE_TABLE An object used to repesent information in terms of rows and columns. ROLE_TABLE
ROLE_TABLE_CELL A 'cell' or discrete child within a Table. ROLE_CELL
ROLE_TABLE_COLUMN_HEADER An object which labels a particular column in a Table. ROLE_TABLE_COLUMN_HEADER
ROLE_TABLE_ROW_HEADER An object which labels a particular row in a Table. ROLE_TABLE_ROW_HEADER
ROLE_TEAROFF_MENU_ITEM Object allows menu to be removed from menubar and shown in its own window. ROLE_TEAR_OFF_MENU_ITEM
ROLE_TERMINAL An object that emulates a terminal. ROLE_TERMINAL
ROLE_TEXT An object that presents text to the user, of nonspecific type. ROLE_TEXT_CONTAINER
ROLE_TOGGLE_BUTTON A specialized push button that can be checked or unchecked, but does not procide a separate indicator for the current state. ROLE_TOGGLE_BUTTON
ROLE_TOOL_BAR A bar or palette usually composed of push buttons or toggle buttons. ROLE_TOOLBAR
ROLE_TOOL_TIP An object that provides information about another object. ROLE_TOOLTIP
ROLE_TREE An object used to repsent hierarchical information to the user. ROLE_OUTLINE
ROLE_TREE_TABLE An object that presents both tabular and hierarchical info to the user. ROLE_TREE_TABLE
ROLE_UNKNOWN The object contains some Accessible information, but its role is not known. ROLE_NOTHING, all unmapped roles.
ROLE_VIEWPORT An object usually used in a scroll pane, or to otherwise clip a larger object or content renderer to a specific onscreen viewport. ROLE_VIEWPORT
ROLE_WINDOW A ¨top level window¨ with no title or border. ROLE_WINDOW
ROLE_EXTENDED means that the role for this item is known, but not included in the core enumeration no
ROLE_HEADER An object that serves as a document header. ROLE_HEADER
ROLE_FOOTER An object that serves as a document footer. ROLE_FOOTER
ROLE_PARAGRAPH An object which is contains a single paragraph of text content. ROLE_PARAGRAPH
ROLE_RULER An object which describes margins and tab stops, etc. ROLE_RULER
ROLE_APPLICATION An object corresponding to the toplevel accessible of an application, which may contain ROLE_FRAME objects or other accessible objects. ROLE_APP_ROOT
ROLE_AUTOCOMPLETE The object is a dialog or list containing items for insertion into an entry widget, for instance a list of words for completion of a text entry. ROLE_AUTOCOMPLETE
ROLE_EDITBAR The object is an editable text object in a toolbar. ROLE_EDITBAR
ROLE_EMBEDDED The object is an embedded component container. ROLE_APPLICATION
ROLE_LINK The object is a link to some other content, for instance to a URI in this or another document. ROLE_LINK
ROLE_SUBMIT_BUTTON The object is a push button whose activation by the user indicates completion of data entry in a form or dialog. no
ROLE_CANCEL_BUTTON The object is a push button whose activation by the user cancels or reverts the current user operation. no
ROLE_UNDO_BUTTON The object is a push button whose activation by the user reverts the most recent user editing operation. no
ROLE_BACK_BUTTON The object is a push button whose activation by the user reverts navigation by one step, i.e. no
ROLE_ENTRY The object is a component whose textual content may be entered or modified by the user, provided STATE_EDITABLE is present. ROLE_ENTRY
ROLE_CHART The object is a graphical depiction of quantitative data. ROLE_CHART
ROLE_CAPTION The object contains descriptive information, usually textual, about another user interface element such as a table, chart, or image. ROLE_CAPTION
ROLE_DOCUMENT_FRAME The object is a visual frame or container which contains a view of document content. ROLE_DOCUMENT, ROLE_DOCUMENT_FRAME
ROLE_HEADING The object serves as a heading for content which follows it in a document. ROLE_HEADING
ROLE_PAGE The object is a containing instance which encapsulates a page of information. ROLE_PAGE
ROLE_SECTION The object is a containing instance of document content which constitutes a particular 'logical' section of the document. ROLE_SECTION