Supported AT SPI Interfaces


Interface Supported Notes
Accessible Yes

See supported object attributes

Action Yes All methods
Application Yes All methods
Component Yes All methods
Desktop No
Document Yes All methods?
EditableText Yes All methods
Event Yes

See supported events

Hyperlink Yes Any object embedded in text is considered a hyperlink!
Hypertext Yes Any text with objects embedded in it is considered a hypertext!
Image No ROLE_IMAGE is supported, and is enough
LoginHelper No
Registry No?
Relation Yes

See supported relations

Role Yes

See supported roles

Selection Yes Not yet supported for text
Selector No
State Yes

See supported states

StreamableContent No Could apply to plugins, but probably not objects rendered by Gecko
Table Yes In addition, the object attribute layout-guess=true when Gecko thinks the table is for layout, not for data
Text Yes

See supported text attributes

Value Yes