Testday FAQ

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Welcome to the Testdays FAQ. The purpose of this FAQ is to educate about testdays, what they are, who can participate and how you can become involved.

What are Testdays?

Testdays are global, virtual events organized by Mozillians for Mozillians, typically focused on testing a particular product or feature. They are meant to teach people the skills necessary to contribute at Mozilla, to connect people to each other so they can make an impact.

Our Mission

To establish long-lasting, meaningful relationships between volunteers and projects within Mozilla through mentorship.

Our Vision

For testdays to be a platform for collaborative mentorship, to provide opportunity for Mozillians to help each other contribute.

Our Strategy

We're always looking to improve testdays, to make them enjoyable and valuable, and to make sure they support our mission. Consult our strategic plan for more information on current and future initiatives, or contribute your own ideas.

Our Current Goal

In collaboration with the community, develop a long-term strategy to redefine the program as value-driven events designed to teach new skills and connect contributors with various projects. 

Why do we need Testdays?

They provide us a unique opportunity to galvanize the community around a particular testing activity. The community is and has always been, one of the biggest contributors to Mozilla’s success. Without the support of our community, we would not be able to push Firefox and the Web forward at the speed and level of quality the world has come to expect.

What’s in it for me?

There are multiple benefits; not least of which is being able to collaborate, have discussions, and share experiences with people who share your values. If you are a Firefox developer, it gives you the opportunity to get a lot of eyes on your work; get feedback, find bugs, and improve the quality. If you are student or a professional, it gives you the opportunity to build existing skills or learn new skills.

Who can participate in Testdays?

Everyone. We welcome people of all backgrounds, locales, skills, and knowledge. The more diverse the participants, the better. This gives us a wider viewpoint on various issues and features, and gives us visibility into issues we may have missed. If you have no experience with testing, we always have people on hand who can teach you. If you already have some skills, we can provide you with tasks which will challenge you and allows you to grow your skills. The only requirement is that you are passionate about Firefox and have a desire to make it better.

When can I join a Testday?

See schedule here for 

Where can I go to participate in Testdays?

We always use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for collaboration and discussion. You can find us on irc.mozilla.org in the #qa channel during the event and there at any other time.

How can I stay informed?

We have a few different ways you can keep informed about testdays, events, and ways to get involved with Mozilla QA. Your first and best resource is to check the front page of QMO. As mentioned earlier, you can get in touch with us in real-time by joining the #qa IRC channel. We also have a QA mailing list, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed.