This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

TaskCluster interactive session

NOTE: This is a draft

If you are in this page, it is likely that you want to run tests in the same hosts that we run tests on Treeherder.
If you want to run Docker in your local host read this page instead.

For TaskCluster tasks (see TaskCluster jobs on Treeherder) you can get a task created based on the one you want that will get you an SSH and VNC like web pages inside of the Docker container.
The rest of this page will only talk about the interactive mode from TaskCluster.

You can read more about this feature in this blog post.

NOTE: When you connect, be at ease that you can't wedge the machine you connect to because you're inside of a Docker container.
NOTE: Only desktop tests have VNC access.

Connect to an interactive session

NOTE: This may not work with all tasks.

In order to re-create a task with interactive capacity follow these steps:

  1. Click on desired job on Treeherder
  2. Find "Inspect task" hyperlink in the details panel and click on it
  3. Find and click "Log-in" button at top right
    • Choose your login method and click on "Grant access"
  4. Back to the task click on the "Task" tab on the top left and click on it
  5. Find and click on "One-Click Loaner" button
    • You will see a prompt explaining how this task will be different than the original
  6. You will get to a new page and will have to wait until your loaner is ready (minutes to seconds)
    1. It will be ready when you see "Loaner ready!"
    2. NOTE: You have 5 minutes to connect before it shuts down
  7. Click on "Shell" and/or "Display" and that's it!
    • At this point you will also see a hyperlink to the task that is running as interactive
    • Under such task you will see under "Artifacts": display.html and shell.html which is the same as clicking on the links from step 7

BEWARE: At the moment, the test execution will start immediately and start running the tests. You can see the output of such run by clicking on the 'TaskId' hyperlink from step 7 and then clicking on "Run 0" tab. If you kill mozharness or firefox you will wedge your interactive session. This will be fixed in following iterations.

Run tests inside of an interactive session

Work in progress.

When you connect to the SSH interface, you will see a message of the day and you will see some information letting you know that we're downloading the binaries, tests and setting up the Python virtual environment.
In few minutes, everything will be set up and you will be told how to run all tests.