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If a test needs to interact with the Download Manager or simply has to handle a download of a given file, the DownloadsAPI can be used.

Class overview

Class Description
downloadManager This class supplies a full set of helper functions to provide access to any area of the download manager.

Method overview

downloadFileOfUnknownType(in MozMillController controller, in string url)
nsILocalFile getLocalFileFromNativePathOrUrl(in string aPathOrUrl)


downloadState constants

Constant Value Description
notStarted -1 Download state for uninitialized download object.
downloading 0 Download is currently transferring data.
finished 1 Download finished including any processing of the target file.
failed 2 Transfer failed due to error. (completed)
canceled 3 Download was canceled by the user. (completed)
paused 4 Transfer was paused by the user.
queued 5 Download is active but data has not yet been received.
blockedParental 6 Transfer request was blocked by parental controls proxy. (completed)
scanning 7 Transferred download is being scanned by virus scanners.
dirty 8 A virus was detected in the download. The target will most likely no longer exist. (completed)
blockedPolicy 9 Windows specific: Request was blocked by zone policy settings. (completed)



Until we are able to interact with the system level File Save dialog we can only use the helper application dialog to download a file of an unknown content type. This function will automatically download the given file specified by the URL to the current download folder.

  in MozMillController controller,
  in string url
MozMillController of the browser window to work on.
URL of the file which has to be downloaded.


When a test needs access to the real file object this function will return the nsILocalFile object from the given path or URL.

nsILocalFile getLocalFileFromNativePathOrUrl(
  in string aPathOrUrl
Native path or URL of the file.
Return value

An nsILocalFile instance specifying the file.