L10n tests

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

The Mozmill l10n tests exists to help localizers in getting their localization for Firefox as stable as possible.

Type of l10n tests

As of now we support two types of tests as described afterward.

Checks for duplicated access keys

This test ensures that accesskeys set for elements are not used multiple times within the same scope of the window. If the test detects such a condition it will mark it as failure and automatically creates a screenshot. An example of duplicated accesskeys for 'w' and 'o' you can find below:

Note: Right now this test is only implemented for the preference window.

Checks for cut-off elements:

If the  translation of some text is too long, it can exceed the given width and height of the boundary box. It means that it will be cut-off or elements will be moved outside of the reachable window area.  This is a kinda bad situation especially if the window cannot be resized.

Note: Right now this test is only implemented for the preference window.

Execute L10n tests

To prepare your system for Mozmill tests simply follow our installation instructions, and as best also clone our mozmill-tests repository. Once done you can run the tests with:

$ testrun_l10n --repository=%path_to_the_local_test_repository% --workspace=./data %path_to_firefox%

While the test is running you can see some output in the command line. Please watch out for failures. But if the output is too complicated for you, you might want to have a look at the screenshots we automatically create and store inside the screenshots folder of the workspace.