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This is the base class for all Python tests written for Marionette.

Implementation: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/tip/testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/marionette_test/

Method overview

Marionette self.get_new_emulator()


Attribute Type Description
self.marionette Marionette The Marionette instance bound to this test case.  Most test methods belong to this instance.
self.baseurl str The base url of all static files served by Marionette's webserver.



For tests running in an emulator, the Emulator instance is available as self.marionette.emulator.  For tests requiring a second emulator instance, you can launch an extra emulator and retrieve its Marionette instance using this method.



Return value

The Marionette instance for the new emulator.

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