How can I help test?

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Thanks for asking! There are lots of ways for you to become part of the Mozilla quality team, even if you're not a technical person.

Run a nightly build

By using one of our in-development nightly builds, you'll see new features before most of our users, and it means you may also be the first one to spot bugs. Nightly builds are not for everyone - they change regularly and new features will show up before they are completely polished, but the feedback we get from our nightly users help shape the products we build very directly. If that sounds a little too scary for you, using a a build from any of our other channels gives us the same type of feedback, but keeps you only on things that we consider polished enough to be almost final.

Help out one of our quality teams

If you have some technical expertise and want to help build and maintain the tools we use to measure and improve quality, we can always use a hand.

Get involved in an upcoming event

Mozilla test days are one of the most powerful tools we have for uncovering new bugs and exploring new features. You'll be taught how to get development builds, how to file bugs, and how to work with developers on producing a fix. However you choose to get involved, thank you. Mozilla's software is built by a community of people just like you, who got involved because they cared about the quality of what we produce, and wanted to lend a hand.