Crash Triage

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

This document serves as a guide to help people understand how to triage crashes and why we do it.

Triaging Unreported Crashes

The process of triaging unreported crashes is fairly straightforward but can become fairly technical depending on the code causing the crash. While not all crash bugs get resolved we do strive to get the most serious crashes reported (ie. those most negatively impacting a large portion of Firefox users). Our current benchmark is 1%, ie. any signature accounting for 1% or more of all crashes will get a bug report.

The Triage Process

  1. We start by loading the list of topcrashes with "::dom::" in their signature
  2. Scanning this list we can usually find one or more that do not have an associated bug number (ie. nothing in the "Bugs" column)
  3. Clicking the signature report link will give you a report of all crashes with that signature.
  4. Use the information from the signature report to fill out a detailed bug report for that signature.
  5. Continue going through the list of crashes, repeating this process to file bugs for any other unreported signatures