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The following is a list of the various communication channels we can use to advertise testdays and related training events. Choose as many or as few as you see fit. This list is not limited to what is outlined on this document. Please feel free to use other channels as need be.

Mailing Lists

  • dev-quality: the primary public mailing list for Mozilla QA
  • nightly-testers: a subset of the user-base who have opted in to be Nightly Testers
  • events: use if your testday incorporates a physical meetup

Social Networks

  • Twitter: @MozillaQA is our Twitter account
  • Facebook: MozillaQA is our Facebook account. Note that QMO Event posts are automatically syndicated to Facebook.
  • Yammer (internal)


  • Mozillazine: community maintained Mozilla forum
  • Firefox Reddit (/r/firefox): Social news for Firefox – post the QMO post there

Meeting Pages

Other Websites