TPS Password Lists

A password asset list is an array of objects, each representing a stored password. For example:

var password_list = [
  { hostname: "",
    submitURL: "",
    username: "joe",
    password: "SeCrEt123",
    usernameField: "uname",
    passwordField: "pword",
    changes: {
      password: "zippity-do-dah"
  { hostname: "",
    realm: "login",
    username: "joe",
    password: "secretlogin"

Each object has the following properties:

  • hostname: the hostname for the password. Required.
  • submitURL: the submit URL for the password. Optional. Used for passwords in form fields.
  • realm: the http realm for the password. Optional. Used for http authentication passwords.
  • username: required.
  • password: required.
  • usernameField: the username field for a form password. Optional.
  • passwordField: the password field for a form password. Optional.
  • changes: an object containing any of the above properties, which are applied during a modify action. Optional.

Password lists and phase actions

Following are the functions that can be used in phase actions related to passwords:

  • Passwords.add
  • Passwords.delete
  • Passwords.modify
  • Passwords.verify
  • Passwords.verifyNot

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