TPS History Lists

There are two types of history asset lists, one used for adding/modiyfing/verifying history, and the other for deleting history.

The history list used for operations other than delete has the following properties:

  • uri: required.
  • title: optional. The page title for this uri.
  • visits: required. An array of objects representing visits to the page, each object has the following properties:

For example:

var history_initial = [
  { uri: "",
    title: "Google",
    visits: [
      { type: 1, date: 0 },
      { type: 2, date: -1 }
  { uri: "",
    title: "CNN",
    visits: [
      { type: 1, date: -1 },
      { type: 2, date: -36 }

The history list used for deletions looks different. It's an array of objects, each of which represents a type of history to delete. There are three different types:

  • to delete all references to a specific page from history, use an object with a uri property
  • to delete all references to all pages from a specific host, use an object with a host property
  • to delete all history in a certain time period, use an object with begin and end properties, which should have integer values that express time since the present in hours (see date above)

For example:

var history_to_delete = [
  { uri: "" },
  { begin: -24,
    end: -1 },
  { host: "" }

History lists and phase actions

History lists cannot be modified, they can only be added, deleted, and verified, using the following functions:

  • History.add
  • History.delete
  • History.verify
  • History.verifyNot

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