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Get the chars and the length of a string.


const JS::Latin1Char *
JS_GetLatin1StringCharsAndLength(JSContext *cx, const JS::AutoCheckCannotGC &nogc,
                                 JSString *str, size_t *length);

const char16_t *
JS_GetTwoByteStringCharsAndLength(JSContext *cx, const JS::AutoCheckCannotGC &nogc,
                                  JSString *str, size_t *length);
Name Type Description
cx {{jsapixref("JSRuntime", "JSContext *")}} A context. {{ Jsapi-requires-request() }}.
nogc {{jsapixref("JS::AutoCheckCannotGC", "JS::AutoCheckCannotGC &")}} A reference to {{jsapixref("JS::AutoCheckCannotGC")}}.
str {{jsapixref("JSString", "JSString *")}} A string to get characters.
length size_t * Out parameter. Receives the length of the string.


JS_GetLatin1StringCharsAndLength and JS_GetTwoByteStringCharsAndLength get the characters and the length of the string, str.

If successful, JS_GetLatin1StringCharsAndLength and JS_GetTwoByteStringCharsAndLength return a pointer to the string, and store the length to *length, otherwise return NULL.

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