Access a JSContext field for application-specific data.


void *
JS_GetContextPrivate(JSContext *cx);

JS_SetContextPrivate(JSContext *cx, void *data);

void *
JS_GetSecondContextPrivate(JSContext *cx); // Added in SpiderMonkey 17

JS_SetSecondContextPrivate(JSContext *cx, void *data); // Added in SpiderMonkey 17
Name Type Description
cx JSContext * Any context.
data void * (in JS_SetContextPrivate or JS_SetSecondContextPrivate) Pointer to application-defined data to be associated with the context cx.


Each JSContext has two fields of type void * which the application may use for any purpose. They are especially useful for storing data needed by callbacks. JS_GetContextPrivate and JS_GetSecondContextPrivate get this field and JS_SetContextPrivate and JS_SetSecondContextPrivate set it. The field is initially NULL.

Memory management for this private data is the application's responsibility. The JavaScript engine itself never uses it.

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