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    Retrieves the class associated with an object.


    const JSClass *
    JS_GetClass(JSObject *obj);
    Name Type Description
    cx JSContext * Any context associated with the runtime in which obj exists.
    obj JSObject * Object to get the class from.
    In SpiderMonkey versions prior to SpiderMonkey 1.8.8, JS_GetClass took both a JSContext* and a JSObject* as arguments in thread-safe builds, and in non-thread-safe builds it took only a JSObject*.  The JS_GET_CLASS(cx, obj) macro abstracted away this detail.  Newer versions have removed the context argument, so that the same signature is used regardless whether or not the build is thread-safe.


    JS_GetClass returns a pointer to the JSClass associated with a specified JS object, obj. The application must treat the JSClass as read-only. If obj has no JSClass, this returns NULL.

    To check the type of an object, use JS_HasInstance instead. For a stricter, exact-match-only check, use JS_InstanceOf or JS_GetInstancePrivate.

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