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Destroys a {{jsapixref("JSExceptionState")}} object previously created using {{jsapixref("JS_SaveExceptionState")}}.


JS_DropExceptionState(JSContext *cx, JSExceptionState *state);
Name Type Description
cx {{jsapixref("JSRuntime", "JSContext *")}} Pointer to a JS context from which to derive runtime information. {{ Jsapi-requires-request() }}
state {{jsapixref("JSExceptionState", "JSExceptionState *")}} Pointer to the JSExceptionState object to destroy.


This function destroys the specified {{jsapixref("JSExceptionState")}} object, unrooting as necessary any attached exception object and freeing the memory resources associated with the JSExceptionState object.

This object should previously have been created using {{jsapixref("JS_SaveExceptionState")}}.

See Also

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  • {{jsapixref("JS_SaveExceptionState")}}
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