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    Cycles through the JS contexts associated with a particular JSRuntime.


    JSContext *
    JS_ContextIterator(JSRuntime *rt, JSContext **iterp);
    Name Type Description
    rt JSRuntime * The runtime to walk.
    iterp JSContext * In-out parameter. On input, *iterp must be NULL or point to a context in rt. On success, the value of *iterp is modified so that repeated calls cycle through all the contexts in rt.


    JS_ContextIterator steps through the set of contexts associated with the runtime rt. Each call to JS_ContextIterator returns the next context in the cycle.

    iterp must point to a variable of type JSContext *. If *iterp is NULL, JS_ContextIterator modifies it to point to the first JSContext in the list. Otherwise *iterp must point to an existing context in rt, and JS_ContextIterator modifies it to point to the next context in the list, if any, and NULL otherwise.

    JS_ContextIterator returns the new value of *iterp.


    The following code snippet illustrates how to cycle through the contexts for a given runtime:

    JSContext *acx;
    JSContext *iterp = NULL;
    int i = 0;
    while ((acx = JS_ContextIterator(rt, &iterp)) != NULL) {
        printf("%d ", ++i);

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