This article covers features introduced in SpiderMonkey 24

Possible standard object prototype types.

Value Prototype in JavaScript
JSProto_Null A Dummy key for invalid prototype.
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JSProto_Object Object
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JSProto_Function Function
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JSProto_Array Array
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JSProto_Boolean Boolean
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JSProto_Date Date
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JSProto_Math Math
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JSProto_Number Number
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JSProto_String String
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JSProto_RegExp RegExp
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JSProto_Error Error
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JSProto_InternalError InternalError
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JSProto_EvalError EvalError
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JSProto_RangeError RangeError
MXR Search for JSProto_RangeError
JSProto_ReferenceError ReferenceError
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JSProto_SyntaxError SyntaxError
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JSProto_TypeError TypeError
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JSProto_URIError URIError
MXR Search for JSProto_URIError
JSProto_Iterator Iterator
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JSProto_StopIteration StopIteration
MXR Search for JSProto_StopIteration
JSProto_ArrayBuffer ArrayBuffer
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JSProto_Int8Array Int8Array
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JSProto_Uint8Array Uint8Array
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JSProto_Int16Array Int16Array
MXR Search for JSProto_Int16Array
JSProto_Uint16Array Uint16Array
MXR Search for JSProto_Uint16Array
JSProto_Int32Array Int32Array
MXR Search for JSProto_Int32Array
JSProto_Uint32Array Uint32Array
MXR Search for JSProto_Uint32Array
JSProto_Float32Array Float32Array
MXR Search for JSProto_Float32Array
JSProto_Float64Array Float64Array
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JSProto_Uint8ClampedArray Uint8ClampedArray
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JSProto_Proxy Proxy
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JSProto_WeakMap WeakMap
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JSProto_Map Map
MXR Search for JSProto_Map
JSProto_Set Set
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JSProto_DataView DataView
MXR Search for JSProto_DataView
JSProto_Symbol Symbol Added in SpiderMonkey 38
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JSProto_SharedArrayBuffer SharedArrayBuffer (Nightly only)
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JSProto_Intl Intl
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JSProto_TypedObject TypedObject (Nightly only)
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JSProto_GeneratorFunction GeneratorFunction Added in SpiderMonkey 31
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JSProto_SIMD SIMD (Nightly only)
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JSProto_WeakSet WeakSet Added in SpiderMonkey 38
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JSProto_SharedInt8Array SharedInt8Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedUint8Array SharedUint8Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedInt16Array SharedInt16Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedUint16Array SharedUint16Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedInt32Array SharedInt32Array (Nightly only)
MXR Search for JSProto_SharedInt32Array
JSProto_SharedUint32Array SharedUint32Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedFloat32Array SharedFloat32Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedFloat64Array SharedFloat64Array (Nightly only)
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JSProto_SharedUint8ClampedArray SharedUint8ClampedArray (Nightly only)
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JSProto_TypedArray TypedArray Added in SpiderMonkey 38
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JSProto_Atomics Atomics (Nightly only)
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Each of these types corresponds to standard objects in JavaScript. Some of them are Nightly only (depends on each option).

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