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Testing and conversion functions between a JS ID and an integer.


JSID_IS_INT(jsid id);

JSID_TO_INT(jsid id);

INT_FITS_IN_JSID(int32_t i);

INT_TO_JSID(int32_t i);
Name Type Description
id jsid The property identifier to test or convert.
i int32_t An integer to test or convert.


JSID_IS_INT tests whether a specified JS ID, id, is an integer, and returns true if it's an integer.

JSID_TO_INT converts a specified JS ID, id to an integer.

INT_FITS_IN_JSID tests whether a specified integer fits in jsid, it means the integer value is not negative.

INT_TO_JSID converts a specified integer, i to a jsid.

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