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    JSHasInstanceOp is the type of JSClass.hasInstance.


    typedef bool
    (* JSHasInstanceOp)(JSContext *cx, JS::HandleObject obj, JS::MutableHandleValue vp,
                        bool *bp);
    Name Type Description
    cx JSContext * The JS context in which the type check is occurring.
    obj JS::HandleObject The "type" in the type check.
    v JS::MutableHandleValue The value whose type is being checked.
    bp bool * Out parameter. On success, the callback stores the result of the type check in *bp.


    JSHasInstanceOp is called to check whether v is an instance of obj. Return false on error or exception, true on success with true in *bp if v is an instance of obj, false in *bp otherwise.

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    JSClass offers the following hook:

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