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    Converts a specified integer value to a JS integer value.


    INT_TO_JSVAL(int32_t i);
    Name Type Description
    i any integer type C integer to convert to a jsval.


    INT_TO_JSVAL converts a C integer, i, to a jsval.

    Before SpiderMonkey 1.8.5, not all integers can be stored in a jsval; use INT_FITS_IN_JSVAL to test. Starting in SpiderMonkey 1.8.5, jsval can store a full 32-bit integer, so this check isn't needed any longer for 32-bit integers.") }}

    If i does not fit into a jsval (see INT_FITS_IN_JSVAL), the behavior is undefined. To convert any number to a jsval, regardless of whether it fits in an int jsval, use JS_NewNumberValue instead.

    To convert an integer jsval to a C integer, use JS::ToInt32.

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