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This article covers features introduced in SpiderMonkey 31

A handle to an array of rooted values.


JS::HandleValueArray(const JS::RootedValue& value);
JS::HandleValueArray(const JS::AutoValueVector& values);
JS::HandleValueArray(const JS::AutoValueArray<N>& values);
JS::HandleValueArray(const JS::CallArgs& args);

JS::HandleValueArray::fromMarkedLocation(size_t len, const JS::Value *elements);
JS::HandleValueArray::subarray(const JS::HandleValueArray& values,
                               size_t startIndex, size_t len);
Name Type Description
value JS::RootedValue &amp; An element of newly created 1-length array.
values JS::AutoValueVector &amp; Elements of newly created array.
values JS::AutoValueArray &amp; Elements of newly created array.
args JS::CallArgs &amp; Elements of newly created array.
len size_t (fromMarkedLocation only) Length of elements array or
(subarray only) Length of sub array of values.
elements JS::Value * (fromMarkedLocation only) A pointer to the first element of an array of JS::Value.
values JS::HandleValueArray (subarray only) An array to get sub array.
startIndex size_t (subarray only) An index of the first element of subarray of values.


Method Description
size_t length() const Returns the length of the array.
const Value *begin() const Returns the pointer to the first element of the array.
JS::HandleValue operator[](size_t i) const Returns i-th element of the array.


JS::HandleValueArray is a handle to an array of rooted values. This is useful as a parameter type, or a temporal local variable for it.

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