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    Wrappers / bindings


    • Cocos2d-JS - Cocos2d-JS is a cross-platform Game Engine which embeds SpiderMonkey, providing the same API for both web and native platforms. Getting started here.
    • Flusspferd - (newer) C++ bindings
    • libjspp - C++ template based library for extending & embedding SpiderMonkey; works with SpiderMonkey 1.8.5 and above, has lots of goodies
    • Spiderape - the oldest C++ bindings for SpiderMonkey
    • TriXUL - (TriXUL CVS) - Trixul XML-based GUI toolkit embeds SpiderMonkey, using JavaScript to implement logic behind its GUI, supporting calls from JavaScript to C++ objects


    • gjs - JavaScript bindings to GNOME (broadly, to any library using the GObject introspection mechanism)

    Objective Caml


    • - bindings to cross-embed SpiderMonkey and Perl. Includes a JS shell that allows you to use CPAN modules from JavaScript.



    Code generators

    • jsapigen - generates bindings for embedding SpiderMonkey in C applications


    • - zlib, SQLite, NSPR, ode, libpng, libjpeg, libffi, (...) libraries for SpiderMonkey

    • - a JS Shell with native objects for files, networks, databases, compression, email, etc.

    • - commonJS platform, native-language module interoperability methods, modules, etc. for SpiderMonkey. Designed to supplement existing embeddings, GPSEE ships with a sample trivial embedding, a scripting host, and an augmented version of Mozilla's JS Shell. Bundled modules include support for ByteArray, ByteString, CGI, POSIX Signals, FFI, and more.

    • - a general-purpose JavaScript platform that aims to provide an extensible tooling framework

    • http// - a telnet/SSH bulletin board system (BBS) and internet server (HTTP/SMTP/FTP) with extra Internet services written in JavaScript (IRC, IMAP, Gopher, and many more)

    • - a library that aims to provide a generic SQL API for JavaScript that is as similar as possible to JDBC


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