The Social API is an architecture that makes it easier for web browsers to integrate with social media services, using standard web technologies as the API. Once a social service provider is implemented for Firefox, it becomes possible for the browser to integrate web resources from a service, in-chrome user controls and information related to that service. The following articles explain how to implement a social service provider.

The Social API supports specific vertical use cases centered around social interactions, but does not tightly constrain those use cases, allowing flexibility and creativity for 3rd parties. Specific features supported are notifications, share, bookmarking (or save-for-later), sidebars and communications (e.g. chat and video).

Social API documentation

Social API glossary
Provides definitions of key terms you'll need to understand when using the Social API.
Social service manifest
A description of—(TBD: and guide to building)—the manifest required
Social service worker API reference
A reference to the social service worker API.
Social service content API: MozSocial
A reference to the social service content API, which is provided by the navigator.MozSocial object.
Social share API
A reference to the Share API.
Social bookmarks API
A reference to the Bookmarks API.
Social status API
A reference to the Status API.
Social service widgets
A guide to the widgets provided by the social service.



How to create a SocialAPI Provider

A step-by-step guide to create a simple SocialAPI Provider
First Steps
The basics of getting an installable social provider running.
Adding ambient notifications
A short guide to implementing ambient notifications using the Social API.
Implementing status and notifications
A guide to implementing a status panel with notifications using the Social API. [Firefox 26 development only, Firefox 27 estimated general availability]
Adding bookmark support
A short guide to implementing social bookmarks using the Social API.
Implementing share
A guide to implementing a share panel using the Social API.
Supporting chat
A guide to implementing chat features using the Social API.

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Getting help from the community

Need help on a Social API related problem and can't find the solution in the documentation?

  • Ask your question on the Mozilla IRC channel: #socialdev

Don't forget about the netiquette...

Tools and demos

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Try out any of several providers on the SocialAPI Directory site (Firefox 29 or later required)



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