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    Rhino and BSF

    What is BSF?

    The <dfn>Bean Scripting Framework (or BSF)</dfn> was originally developed by IBM and now published as open source as a project at the Apache Software Foundation. It provides a framework for using a number of scripting languages with Java. Rhino is one of the supported languages.

    This framework has been embedded in a number of open source projects, including the XSL processor Xalan and the XML/Java build tool Ant. See Xalan-Java Extensions for more information on adding JavaScript to XSL and the description of the optional Script task in the Apache Ant Manual for using scripting in Ant build files.

    Using BSF with Rhino

    Now that the Apache Jakarta <dfn>Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)</dfn>, version 2.4.0, has been officially released, you can use Rhino easily with BSF. See

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