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Rhino documentation

Information on Rhino for script writers and embedders.


An overview of the JavaScript language and of Rhino.
Rhino license information.
Requirements and limitations
What you must have to run Rhino; what Rhino cannot do.
Downloads archive
Includes release notes for Rhino releases
Details on the various optimization levels.
Answers to frequently asked questions about Rhino.
Rhino history
History of the beast.

Writing Scripts

Scripting Java
How to use Rhino to script Java classes.
Performance Hints
Some tips on writing faster JavaScript code.

JavaScript Tools

Rhino Shell
Interactive or batch execution of scripts.
JavaScript Debugger
Debugging scripts running in Rhino.
JavaScript Compiler
Compiling scripts into Java class files.
Running the Rhino tests
Running the JavaScript test suite with Rhino.

Embedding Rhino

Embedding tutorial
A short tutorial on how to embed Rhino into your application.
API Javadoc Reference (Link broken?  Try this at Jarvana.)
An annotated outline of the programming interface to Rhino (tip only).
Scopes and Contexts
Describes how to use scopes and contexts for the best performance and flexibility, with an eye toward multithreaded environments.
How to serialize JavaScript objects and functions in Rhino.
A brief description of the JavaScript runtime.
Small Footprint
Hints for those interested in small-footprint embeddings.
A set of examples showing how to control the JavaScript engine and build JavaScript host objects.
Using Rhino with Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)
How to use Rhino with apps that support BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) from the Apache Jakarta project.

External references

Scripting Languages for Java (Link Broken? Try this at )
An article comparing and contrasting Rhino and Jython.

Rhino contributors

Interested in contributing to Rhino? Check out the Rhino Wish List.