This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Rhino community

Have a question that you can't find answer to in the Rhino documentation? Here are some additional resources for help:

Mailing List

Rhino discussions happen on the mozilla-rhino group on Google Groups.

There is a much older group,, that is no longer actively used. Please use the new group instead, but the old one may be of historical interest.

The newsgroup answers questions about the C implementation of JavaScript, and was also used for answering questions about Rhino until September 27, 2007. To view archived messages earlier than September 27, 2007, try Google group for the earlier newsgroup.

Bug System

The best way to enter Rhino bugs to enter an issue in GitHub. 

If you have the inclination to fix it, you are also encouraged to fix it and submit a pull request.

Many older Rhino issues were logged in Bugzilla. There may be some bugs there of historical interest. Note that Rhino has its own product category.