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Outparamdel converts functions to return via return value instead of an outparam. It takes a list of functions as input and rewrites the definition and call sites of those functions.

<caption>Rewrites Performed</caption>
nsresult Getter(nsIFoo **aResult) {
  *aResult = ...
  if (!*aResult)
    return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;

  return NS_OK;

nsIFoo* Getter() {
  nsIFoo *result = NULL;
  // aResult below is kept for complicated cases
  // typically it wont be needed and can be removed 
  nsIFoo **aResult = &result;
  // *aResult patterns are replaced with result
  result = ...
  if (result)
    return nsnull; // error returns are changed to nsnull
  //instead NS_OK, actual result is returned
  return result;

caller1 {
  //case 1
  nsresult rv;
  rv = Getter(&var);
  //case 2: naked call
  //case 3: nsresult decl
  nsresult r
v2 = Getter(&var);


caller1 {
  // case 1
  // figure out that rv was only used for the rewritten
  // outparam call + NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS. Then nuke the declaration
  // nsresult rv;
  // move outparam to lhs
  var = Getter();
  // detect NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS immediately following
  // and change it to an equivalent NS_ENSURE_TRUE
  // case 2
  var = Getter();
  // case 3, eliminate rv2 decl given that it's not used elsewhere
  var = Getter();


  Outparamdel also support rewriting getters such that they return already_AddRefed<nsIFoo>. In this case all of the callsites are modified to:
a) getter_AddRefs case: getter(getter_AddRefs(foo)) -> foo = getter()
b) all other cases: getter(&foo) -> foo = getter().get()

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