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The Necko HTTP module


  • RFC 2616 for the HTTP/1.1 specification.
  • RFC 2617 for the HTTP/1.1 basic and digest authentication specifications.


Class Overview
This document provides an overview of the classes used to implement the http module. It's meant as a guide to developers wishing to extend the HTTP implementation.
Transaction Model
This document describes the lifetime of a HTTP transaction, the threads involved, and the relevant objects.
Pipelining FAQ
This document gives an overview of HTTP/1.1 pipelining by answering some frequently asked questions.
Caching FAQ
This document gives an overview of how HTTP caching is implemented in necko. It answers some of the common questions concerning what is cached and for how long.
HTTP Cache (v2)
Describes in detail the API and the implementation details of the content (HTTP, but not only) cache.
HTTP Logging
This document describes how to enable HTTP logging for various platforms.

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