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Necko FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about the networking library in mozilla... and did ask.

What is Necko?

A word rhyming with Gecko and starting with the same letters as networking. That's all! Any resemblance in flavor to the Necco candy is purely coincidental.

What do I need to build this library?

See the code section on the main page. Currently you'd need to get the mozilla tree and at least build NSPR, and XPCOM. TODO put links!

How does PSM fit into this picture?


How does the proxy support work?


What about Proxy Auto Config?


What about SOCKS support?


When is the next stable release of this library going to be available?


I'd like to use this library for my project. What licences apply?

Todo - MPL

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What do the page load options mean in the preferences?


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