FC_GetTokenInfo - obtain information about a particular token in the system.




FC_GetTokenInfo has two parameters:

the ID of the token's slot
points to a CK_TOKEN_INFO structure


FC_GetTokenInfo returns information about the token in the specified slot. On return, the CK_TOKEN_INFO structure that pInfo points to has the following information:

  • label: the label of the token, assigned during token initialization, padded with spaces to 32 bytes and not null-terminated.
  • manufacturerID: ID of the device manufacturer, "Mozilla Foundation", padded with spaces to 32 characters and not null-terminated.
  • model: model of the device, "NSS 3", padded with spaces to 16 characters and not null-terminated.
  • serialNumber: the device's serial number as a string, "0000000000000000", 16 characters and not null-terminated.
  • flags: bit flags indicating capabilities and status of the device.
    • CKF_RNG (0x00000001): this device has a random number generator
    • CKF_WRITE_PROTECTED (0x00000002): this device is read-only
    • CKF_LOGIN_REQUIRED (0x00000004): this device requires the user to log in to use some of its services
    • CKF_USER_PIN_INITIALIZED (0x00000008): the user's password has been initialized
    • CKF_DUAL_CRYPTO_OPERATIONS (0x00000200): a single session with the token can perform dual cryptographic operations
    • CKF_TOKEN_INITIALIZED (0x00000400): the token has been initialized. If login is required (which is true for the FIPS mode of operation), this flag means the user's password has been initialized.
  • ulSessionCount: number of sessions that this application currently has open with the token
  • ulRwSessionCount: number of read/write sessions that this application currently has open with the token
  • hardwareVersion: hardware version number, for example, 8.3 (major=0x08, minor=0x03), which are the version numbers of the certificate and key databases, respectively.
  • firmwareVersion: firmware version number, 0.0 (major=0x00, minor=0x00).

A user may call FC_GetTokenInfo without logging into the token (to assume the NSS User role).

Return value

Token information was successfully copied.
The PKCS #11 module library is not initialized.
The specified slot number is out of the defined range of values.

FC_GetTokenInfo should return CKR_ARGUMENTS_BAD if pInfo is NULL.


Note the use of the %.32s format string to print the label and manufacturerID members of the CK_TOKEN_INFO structure.

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