FC_GetInfo - return general information about the PKCS #11 library.


CK_RV  FC_GetInfo(CK_INFO_PTR pInfo);


FC_GetInfo has one parameter:

points to a CK_INFO structure


FC_GetInfo returns general information about the PKCS #11 library. On return, the CK_INFO structure that pInfo points to has the following information:

  • cryptokiVersion: PKCS #11 interface version number implemented by the PKCS #11 library. The version is 2.20 (major=0x02, minor=0x14).
  • manufacturerID: the PKCS #11 library manufacturer, "Mozilla Foundation", padded with spaces to 32 characters and not null-terminated.
  • flags: should be 0.
  • libraryDescription: description of the library, "NSS Internal Crypto Services", padded with spaces to 32 characters and not null-terminated.
  • libraryVersion: PKCS #11 library version number, for example, 3.11 (major=0x03, minor=0x0b).

A user may call FC_GetInfo without logging into the token (to assume the NSS User role).

Return value

FC_GetInfo always returns CKR_OK.

FC_GetInfo should return CKR_ARGUMENTS_BAD if pInfo is NULL.

FC_GetInfo should return CKR_CRYPTOKI_NOT_INITIALIZED if the library is not initialized.


Note the use of the %.32s format string to print the manufacturerID and libraryDescription members of the CK_INFO structure.

#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>

CK_RV crv;
CK_INFO info;

crv = FC_GetFunctionList(&pFunctionList);
assert(crv == CKR_OK);


/* invoke FC_GetInfo as pFunctionList->C_GetInfo */
crv = pFunctionList->C_GetInfo(&info);
assert(crv == CKR_OK);
printf("General information about the PKCS #11 library:\n");
printf("    PKCS #11 version: %d.%d\n",
    (int)info.cryptokiVersion.major, (int)info.cryptokiVersion.minor);
printf("    manufacturer ID: %.32s\n", info.manufacturerID);
printf("    flags: 0x%08lx\n", info.flags);
printf("    library description: %.32s\n", info.libraryDescription);
printf("    library version: %d.%d\n",
    (int)info.libraryVersion.major, (int)info.libraryVersion.minor);

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