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PKCS 7 functions

The public functions listed here perform PKCS #7 operations required by mail and news applications and by some of the NSS tools.

The Mozilla Cross Reference (MXR) link for each function provides access to the function definition, prototype definition, and source code references. The NSS version column indicates which versions of NSS support the function.


Function name/documentation Source code NSS versions
SEC_PKCS7AddCertificate MXR 3.3 and later
SEC_PKCS7AddRecipient MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7AddSigningTime MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7ContainsCertsOrCrls MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7ContentIsEncrypted MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7ContentIsSigned MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7ContentType MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7CopyContentInfo MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7CreateCertsOnly MXR 3.3 and later
SEC_PKCS7CreateData MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7CreateEncryptedData MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7CreateEnvelopedData MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7CreateSignedData MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecodeItem MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecoderAbort MXR 3.9 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecoderFinish MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecoderStart MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecoderUpdate MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DecryptContents MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7DestroyContentInfo MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7Encode MXR 3.3 and later
SEC_PKCS7EncodeItem MXR 3.9.3 and later
SEC_PKCS7EncoderAbort MXR 3.9 and later
SEC_PKCS7EncoderFinish MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7EncoderStart MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7EncoderUpdate MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetCertificateList MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetContent MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetEncryptionAlgorithm MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetSignerCommonName MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetSignerEmailAddress MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7GetSigningTime MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7IncludeCertChain MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7IsContentEmpty MXR 3.2 and later
SEC_PKCS7SetContent MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7VerifyDetachedSignature MXR 3.4 and later
SEC_PKCS7VerifySignature MXR 3.2 and later
SECMIME_DecryptionAllowed MXR 3.4 and later


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