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Causes the current thread to yield for a specified amount of time.


#include <prthread.h>

PRStatus PR_Sleep(PRIntervalTime ticks);


PR_Sleep has the following parameter:

The number of ticks you want the thread to sleep for (see PRIntervalTime).


Calling PR_Sleep with a parameter equivalent to PR_INTERVAL_NO_TIMEOUT is an error and results in a PR_FAILURE error.


PR_Sleep simply waits on a condition for the amount of time specified. If you set ticks to PR_INTERVAL_NO_WAIT, the thread yields.

If ticks is not PR_INTERVAL_NO_WAIT, PR_Sleep uses an existing lock, but has to create a new condition for this purpose. If you have already created such structures, it is more efficient to use them directly.

Calling PR_Sleep with the value of ticks set to PR_INTERVAL_NO_WAIT simply surrenders the processor to ready threads of the same priority. All other values of ticks cause PR_Sleep to block the calling thread for the specified interval.

Threads blocked in PR_Sleep are interruptible.