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Sets per-thread private data.


#include <prthread.h>

PRStatus PR_SetThreadPrivate(PRUintn index, void *priv);


PR_SetThreadPrivate has the following parameters:

An index into the per-thread private data table.
The per-thread private data, or more likely, a pointer to the data.


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, PR_SUCCESS.
  • If the index is invalid, PR_FAILURE.


If the thread already has non-NULL private data associated with it, and if the destructor function for the index is known (not NULL), NSPR calls the destructor function associated with the index before setting the new data value. The pointer at the index is swapped with NULL. If the swapped out value is not NULL, the destructor function is called. On return, the private data associated with the index is reassigned the new private data's value, even if it is NULL. The runtime provides no protection for the private data. The destructor is called with the runtime holding no locks. Synchronization is the client's responsibility.

The only way to eliminate thread private data at an index prior to the thread's termination is to call PR_SetThreadPrivate with a NULL argument. This causes the index's destructor function to be called, and afterwards assigns a NULL in the table. A client must not delete the referant object of a non-NULL private data without first eliminating it from the table.