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Notifies a monitor that a change in state of the monitored data has occurred.


#include <prmon.h>

PRStatus PR_Notify(PRMonitor *mon);


The function has the following parameter:

A reference to an existing structure of type PRMonitor. The monitor object referenced must be one for which the calling thread currently holds the lock.


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, PR_SUCCESS.
  • If unsuccessful, PR_FAILURE.


Notification of a monitor signals the change of state of some monitored data. The changing of that data and the notification must all be performed while in the monitor. When the notification occurs, the runtime promotes a thread that is waiting on the monitor to a ready state. If more than one thread is waiting, the selection of which thread gets promoted cannot be determined in advance. This implies that all threads waiting on a single monitor must have the same semantics. If no thread is waiting on the monitor, the notify operation is a no-op.