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Converts a character string to a network address.


#include <prnetdb.h>

PRStatus PR_NetAddrToString(
  const PRNetAddr *addr, 
  char *string, 
  PRUint32 size);


The function has the following parameters:

A pointer to the network address to be converted.
A buffer that will hold the converted string on output.
The size of the result buffer (string).


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, PR_SUCCESS.
  • If unsuccessful, PR_FAILURE. You can retrieve the reason for the failure by calling PR_GetError.


The network address to be converted (addr) may be either an IPv4 or IPv6 address structure, assuming that the NSPR library and the host system are both configured to utilize IPv6 addressing. If addr is an IPv4 address, size needs to be at least 16. If addr is an IPv6 address, size needs to be at least 46.

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