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Blocks the calling thread until a specified thread terminates.


#include <prthread.h>

PRStatus PR_JoinThread(PRThread *thread);


PR_JoinThread has the following parameter:

A valid identifier for the thread that is to be joined.


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, PR_SUCCESS
  • If unsuccessful--for example, if no joinable thread can be found that corresponds to the specified target thread, or if the target thread is unjoinable--PR_FAILURE.


PR_JoinThread is used to synchronize the termination of a thread. The function is synchronous in that it blocks the calling thread until the target thread is in a joinable state. PR_JoinThread returns to the caller only after the target thread returns from its root function.

PR_JoinThread must not be called until after PR_CreateThread has returned.  If PR_JoinThread is not called on the same thread as PR_CreateThread, then it is the caller's responsibility to ensure that PR_CreateThread has completed.

Several threads cannot wait for the same thread to complete. One of the calling threads operates successfully, and the others terminate with the error PR_FAILURE.

The calling thread is not blocked if the target thread has already terminated.

PR_JoinThread is interruptable.