PR GetAddrInfoByName

Looks up a host by name. Equivalent to getaddrinfo(host, NULL, ...) of RFC 3493.


#include <prnetdb.h>

PRAddrInfo *PR GetAddrInfoByName(
  const char *hostname,
  PRUint16 af,
  PRIntn flags);


The function has the following parameters:

The character string defining the host name of interest.
The address family. May be PR_AF_UNSPEC or PR_AF_INET.
May be either PR_AI_ADDRCONFIG or PR_AI_ADDRCONFIG | PR_AI_NOCANONNAME. Include PR_AI_NOCANONNAME to suppress the determination of the canonical name corresponding to hostname


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, a pointer to the opaque PRAddrInfo structure containing the results of the host lookup. Use PR_EnumerateAddrInfo to inspect the PRNetAddr values stored in this structure. When no longer needed, this pointer must be destroyed with a call to PR_FreeAddrInfo.
  • If unsuccessful, NULL. You can retrieve the reason for the failure by calling PR_GetError.