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A structure that defines a list of network addresses. This structure is output from PR_GetHostByName and PR_GetHostByAddr and passed to PR_EnumerateHostEnt. Clients should avoid directly accessing any of the structure's fields.


#include <prnetdb.h>

typedef struct PRHostEnt {
  char *h_name;
  char **h_aliases;
#if defined(_WIN32)
  PRInt16 h_addrtype;
  PRInt16 h_length;
  PRInt32 h_addrtype;
  PRInt32 h_length;
  char **h_addr_list;
} PRHostEnt;


The structure has the following fields:

Pointer to the official name of host.
Pointer to a pointer to list of aliases. The list is terminated with a NULL entry.
Host address type. For valid NSPR usage, this field must have a value indicating either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address.
Length of internal representation of the address in bytes. All of the addresses in the list are of the same type and therefore of the same length.
Pointer to a pointer to a list of addresses from name server (in network byte order). The list is terminated with a NULL entry.


This structure is used by many of the network address functions. All addresses are passed in host order and returned in network order (suitable for use in system calls).

Use the network address functions to manipulate the PRHostEnt structure. To make the transition to IP version 6 easier, it's best to treat PRHostEnt as an opaque structure.


WINSOCK.H defines h_addrtype and h_length as a 16-bit field, whereas other platforms treat it as a 32-bit field. The #ifdef in the structure allows direct assignment of the PRHostEnt structure.