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    Most of the make targets need one or more of the dev dependencies listed in package.json.  You can install them all with

    npm install

    make build

    Produces a built version of L20n, ready to be used in your HTML pages as a single script. You can set BINDINGS to html (default) or gaia. The produced file can be found in dist/$(BINDINGS)/l20n.js and dist/$(BINDINGS)/l20n.min.js.

    make test

    Runs the entire test suite.  You can set REPORTER to one of the reporters supported by Mocha to control the visual output.

    make watch

    Runs the entire test suite every time you save a file. For extra candy, install Growl or libnotify-bin.

    make coverage

    Runs the tests and produces a line-by-line report on the test coverage with jscoverage. The report can be found in dist/docs/coverage.html.

    make lint

    Runs gjslint on the code found in bindings and lib.

    make perf

    Measures the speed of parsing, compiling and getting entities from an example L20n file based on Firefox OS's  The results are reported in microseconds (µs).  Additionally, if you run make reference first, it will compare the results against the reference and report relative difference and their statistical significance. See the mailing list for more information.

    make reference

    Creates a reference measurement for make perf to compare against.  By default, it is saved in tools/perf/reference.json.

    make docs

    Uses docco to parse all source files into nice-looking HTML files with colored syntax and contextualized comments side-by-side. The file are put in dist/docs.

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