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Installing JSHydra


  • Mercurial 1.0 is needed to access source repositories.
  • Prerequisites for building SpiderMonkey SpiderMonkey is part of the build process, but since JSHydra will get the code if required, you do not need to worry about obtaining the right version of SpiderMonkey.

Building JSHydra

JSHydra requires, as part of its build process, SpiderMonkey. By default, the configure script will obtain a known working copy of SpiderMonkey; it is possible via the --moz-src and --moz-obj configure arguments to tell JSHydra to use existing copies of the source and build.

cd $HOME/jshydra
hg clone
cd jshydra

# run jshydra tests
make check

Processing input files

JSHydra requires the files it processes to be correct JS files. Converting HTML, XUL, or XBL files into a readable JS equivalent is a work in progress, as is accounting for the preprocessing that Mozilla files sometimes use. There is not yet a repository for this information, but bug 506128 contains more information.