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Introducing Emscripten

The topics in this section are designed to get newcomers to the Emscripten project up and running with Emscripten as quickly as possible.

Getting started tutorials

What is Emscripten and how does it work?
This article provides a technical overview of how Emscripten works.
The nature of Emscripten-compiled JavaScript
In this article we look at the nature of the JavaScript Emscripten outputs, explaining how it runs and how it differs from C++.
Your first steps with Emscripten
A detailed "hello world" tutorial, designed to get you to the stage where you've compiled and run your first Emscripted application, understand how it works, and have developed a hunger to learn more.
Putting Emscripten in your toolchain
This article provides a brief discussion of how Emscripten can fit into your standard toolchain, including build process and debugging.

Next steps